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EE Complaints: Solving Problems Quickly

Problems with broadband or mobile services can occur at any time because these types of services rely heavily on technology. This is especially true with service providers that boast of large customer bases because the pressure on their technological infrastructure is high due to the number of customers they serve. Such problems tend to be […]

O2 Complaints: Putting Things Right

O2 is easily one of the more recognisable brand names in the United Kingdom largely because of its penetration of the mobile market in the country and to a lesser extent due to its long standing marketing ties with sports and sports teams. Despite having control over a large percentage of the UK market, O2 […]

When to Submit a Complaint Letter

Got angry or feeling frustrated with the goods or services given by the company or the salesperson? It is your time to complain! But make sure you do it in the right way. Writing a complaint letter is the best way to express how you feel about the dissatisfied product and poor services. But it […]

JSA Complaints: The Whole Procedure Explained!

Unemployment can be extremely distressing for an individual who has responsibilities or a person who is trying to kick-start a career. However, while an individual is trying to extricate himself from the quicksand that is unemployment, not being able to draw upon unemployment benefit can be equated to being pushed deeper into the bog. This […]

Making Environment Agency Complaints

Even government agencies with their numerous checks and balances in place have been known to mistakes once in a while. The reasons for such mistakes vary greatly including unforeseeable circumstances, human error, and overworked operations. The work of government agencies such as the Environment Agency has a direct impact on not only the life of […]

British Gas Complaints: An Overview

British Gas operates in the energy and home service sector in the United Kingdom. It has a massive reach in the country, catering to approximately 12 million households in various capacities. With such a widespread customer base, it is not surprising that many of people have British Gas complaints in the country. However, what is […]

CSA Complaints: Taking Care of the Children

Most parents understand their responsibility towards their children regardless of their personal relationships with their spouses. However, sometimes, logistics can come in the way of taking care of the child and making sure that he is well taken care of, especially when one parent cannot be around. This is where the Child Support Agency or […]

See Tickets Complaints: What Can You Do?

Entertainment, rest, relaxation, and recreation are as important in life as education, work, and finances. If an individual is unable to relax at regular intervals then the pressures of life will end up being too difficult to handle. This is why people like to go to concerts, sports events, and theatre events. However, when something […]