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Resolving Gas, Electricity, and Energy Complaints

All utilities connected to energy are crucial to the modern day lifestyle and standards of living in the United Kingdom. Any disruption to basic utilities, thus, has the potential to derail the lives of the people in a house or even the lives of the citizens of the country if the disruption is on a […]

Sky Complaints: A Positive Resolution

Very few companies have managed to have the kind of impact on the United Kingdom that Sky has had with its services and its advertising campaigns. Known equally for the quality of its services, market penetration, and sponsoring of the English Premier League, Sky has come to be regarded as one of the most recognisable […]

Halifax Complaints: Dealing With Problems

Halifax is one of the oldest banks in the United Kingdom. It first came into being as Halifax Building Society in 1853 but has since grown to become a well-known name in the country. Currently, Halifax Bank’s parent company is the Lloyds Banking Group which holds it via its wholly owned subsidiary, Bank of Scotland. […]

Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Complaints Procedure

It is not only the private enterprises that make mistakes. Many government institutions and organisations also sometimes err resulting in discomfort for the customers because of the inconveniences caused. However, while people are more than willing to enforce their rights when it comes to private organisations, many are not aware of how to complain about […]

DHSSPS Complaints Procedures

Different organisations in the United Kingdom have different jurisdictions, responsibilities, and methods of accountability. For instance, while the England has its own departments for handling various aspects of governance, in many of its sister regions such as the Northern Ireland, there are independent departments with their own rules. Therefore, if you had any complaints about […]

BT Sport Complaints: How to Resolve Issues

BT Sport was launched in August last year owing to great demand amongst the masses for more focus on sports from the BT Group. The new set of sports channels worth a massive one billion pounds were launched amidst much fanfare and excitement from sport enthusiasts. However, as is often the case with new launches, […]

Expediting Your Barclays Complaints

There is nothing more frustrating and unnerving than to have a problem with your bank account or anything else that directly relates to money and finances. Such kind of a problem has the ability to affect an individual’s capacity to function properly in his daily life. However, regardless of how well you choose a company or […]

Virgin Media Complaints: Things to Keep In Mind

Virgin Media is a service provider whose impact permeates through virtually every household in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that Virgin Media is the first organisation in the UK to provide all four modes of connectivity to the country i.e. mobile, landline, TV, and broadband. Effectively, Virgin Media reaches many different household […]

How to Have Your Vodafone Complaints Resolved

Despite being one of the most recognisable names in the country and the world, Vodafone is a company that receives its fair share of complaints in the UK market. As per industry watchdog Ofcom, when it comes to Vodafone complaints, the amount that the company receives per 1, 000 consumers are much lesser than what […]