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Financial Ombudsman Service: Taking the Complaint Further

Even big businesses and organisations with immense resources and expertise can err sometime. Reasons behind these mistakes and errors could range from anything like lack of foresight due to the size of operations to simple incompetence of one of the employees. However, when such errors occur, it is the end user who faces the most difficulty. This is […]

How to Write Complaints Letters

As customer satisfaction has become a byword in the world, it is not surprising that companies and non-profit or governmental organisations are trying everything possible to ensure that their customers are happy with their services and their conduct. However, while businesses and organisations do their utmost to help resolve any issues that their customers may […]

How Do Ombudsman Services Function?

Every company in the United Kingdom has a complaints handling system wherein their customers can approach their customer support departments directly with their problems. However, while the majority of complaints are handled well by these in-house complaints redressal systems, there are some resolutions that are quite unsatisfactory to the customer. If you have faced a […]

NHS Complaints: Quick Medical Resolutions

Nobody would tolerate things going wrong or mistakes being made while his loved ones are receiving medical attention, regardless of whether the problem is serious or mild. Such mistakes can result in serious health related ramifications. In fact, most people would be very quick to anger if something like this was to happen which would naturally […]