British Airways Complaints: Ensuring You Get a Response


It can be very frustrating to see a carefully planned trip go to ruins because of a mistake made by someone else. Imagine a situation where you have been looking forward to a vacation for a while only to be thwarted by the flight being cancelled or a scenario where you are on the verge of making a huge business deal only to miss it because the flight attendants detained you without a valid reason. Such situations, while not common, can occur with any airline carrier plying any route in the world and this includes British Airways. If one of these situations ends up affecting your travel plans or traveling experience then it would be natural for you to be frustrated. If your airline carrier is British Airways, then such frustrations can only be resolved by filing some strongly worded British Airways complaints.

Situations That May Result In British Airways Complaints

Even though the services of British Airways reflect the excellent service capabilities of a large and established airline carrier, there are still situations where problems can arise. Some of these problems arise due to discrepancies in operations, some happen because of incompetent employees, and some occur because of general problems caused by unforeseeable circumstances. Consider the most common situations that may result in you harbouring some very strong British Airways complaints.

  1. Ticket related problems: Ticket related problems are usually related to a flight being delayed, cancelled, or rescheduled. In such situations, people with British Airways complaints either look for replacement tickets or refunds for the tickets they had purchased. Even though these situations, in the majority of cases, are resolved within stipulated time limits, sometimes refunds can get delayed as well causing even more problems.
  2. Employee related problems: Although very rare with firms as large and as professional as British Airways, employee related problems can occur also. These problems are related to the conduct of the firm’s employees which may be unprofessional, against the stipulated rules and regulations, or even downright rude and discriminatory. As such misconduct is insulting, can create undue obstacles for passengers, and ruin the company’s image, it is treated as a serious offense.
  3. Baggage related issues: Most passengers, as you no doubt already know, have check-in luggage. This luggage can sometimes get lost or damaged due to rough handling or mishap by employees behind the scenes. In fact, this is one of the most common problems that people have with airline carriers.
  4. Special request concerns: Certain passengers may have special requirements such as wheelchairs, medical assistance, pet care, children traveling alone, or even assistance dogs. Because requests for such special requirements are not common, their provision can be less than satisfactory.
  5. Complaints for poor quality of service: There are certain standards that a carrier as large as British Airways is expected to maintain. When these standards not kept by the staff then they can cause British Airways complaints. A typical example of such a complaint would be a passenger being served bad quality or contaminated food during the flight or his seat not being clean.

Options Available For Making Such Complaints

British Airways ComplaintsThere are various ways through which you can make your British Airways complaints known to the people in charge. While some methods may be slightly more effective than others, they all lead to problems being resolved because that is the standard to which British Airways adheres to. Consider the following methods through which you can complain to British Airways.

  1. Calling them directly: One of the most commonly used methods is to contact them via one of the many British Airways contact numbers. The benefit of this method is that you can get in touch with the support personnel and get their response quickly. The only flaw with of this method is that there is no way for you to document the conversation and promises unless you use some app for recording conversations.
  2. Emailing their customer support: The second most common method is for you to go to the British Airways website and get your British Airways complaints through via their support emails. While this method will require you to wait for their feedback, it will allow you to have documentation for everything discussed and promised. If you ever choose to escalate your complaint, having documental proof will help your cause greatly.
  3. Visiting physical offices: You can, of course, also choose to complain in person. If you are still at the airport then you can complain at one of the many British Airways kiosks and if you are not then you can go to their offices and file your complaints. This method may be a little tedious but it will allow you to interact with people with authority on a personal level.

Available Avenues for Escalating British Airways Complaints

Despite the fact that British Airways has a decent track record of taking care of their customers and their British Airways complaints appropriately, there may be some situations where you do not get satisfactory responses from the customer care department. In such cases, you may want to escalate your complaint to make the company sit up and take notice. There are various ways through which you can escalate your complaints.

  1. Contact senior management: One of the best ways of getting the attention of the support department of a big company is to contact the senior management with the original complaint and the supplementary complaint that the support department is not doing its job properly. Finding email addresses of senior management, though not easy, is possible on the internet.
  2. Approach media: Another way to get the aggressively persuade support departments is to approach the media with the whole story. However, this method of escalation would only be useful if your British Airways complaints were serious.
  3. Get legal counsel: You can also choose to seek out legal counsel to resolve your complaint. However, if you choose to do this, be prepared to spend time, effort, and money into the process.

Calls cost of  7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge may apply if you’ll phone the British Airways Complaints Number on 0843 515 8473.