EE Complaints: Solving Problems Quickly

EE LogoProblems with broadband or mobile services can occur at any time because these types of services rely heavily on technology. This is especially true with service providers that boast of large customer bases because the pressure on their technological infrastructure is high due to the number of customers they serve.

Such problems tend to be very serious for many customers who rely on such services for not only staying connected with their loved ones but also for their professional capacities and the proper functioning of their businesses. One of the broadband and mobile network services providers about whom complaints are numerous is EE. EE complaints are fairly common and frequent which is why the following would be useful for you, if you are an EE customer as well.

What Is EE And What Services Does It Provide?

EE is easily the largest broadband and mobile network service provider in the United Kingdom. Erstwhile Everything Everywhere, the company was formed as a result of a merger of United Kingdom operations of T-Mobile and Orange, both of which are now only used as brand names by EE. EE was formed in 2010 and has since been operating three brands in the United Kingdom including T-Mobile, Orange, and EE. EE is also the first company in the United Kingdom to offer people 4G services which has allowed it to capture a significant portion of the country’s market. The company’s 28 million customers approximately make it the country’s largest mobile network service provider in the UK. In addition, the company boasts of reaching 15 million households in the country with its broadband services. The company is constantly in the process of upgrading its infrastructure for both broadband and mobile network so as to cater to its growing consumer base.

How Can You Make EE Complaints?

EE complaintsEE is widely known as the most complained about broadband and mobile network service provider in the United Kingdom; a fact that is backed by regular reports of Ofcom, the telecom industry watchdog, containing complaint statistics of various companies in the industry. Therefore, it would not really be surprising if you also have EE complaints that you would like to be resolved. There are essentially three ways through which your EE complaints can be delivered to the company. The first method is by telephone which is the fastest way to have your complaints catered to. Another fairly quick method to have your EE complaints heard is to fill up the company’s online complaint form.

The third method is for you to write to the company and send the letter via conventional post. This method is recommended for those consumers whose EE complaints are serious and possibly contentious i.e. there may not be a clear resolution to the problem. The reason why posting a letter is the best option for serious EE complaints is that it allows for document based proofs. These proofs can be crucial if you have to escalate the complaints to the next level inside and outside the company.

What Things You Should Keep In Mind While Making EE Complaints?

While basic complaints are handled fairly swiftly by the company on the phone itself, the serious and more contentious EE complaints need to be handled carefully by the consumer, if he expects to receive a good resolution. It is important for you to understand your rights and the complaints procedure as clearly as possible for such complaints so that you can state the same to the official or department you are corresponding with. For instance, you should make notes of every little detail about the complaint you are making if you expect some facts to be disputed by the company. Furthermore, when you write to the company, you must ensure that your letter is without a loophole i.e. any aspect that can be seen as incomplete or factually incorrect.

Such loopholes can result in the complaint being handled differently than they should or even being rejected due to incomplete information. The company even specifies the kind of information it requires from its complainants to investigate complaints in a comprehensive manner. At the very least, your EE complaints letter should be accompanied by your name, your postal address, your account number for the EE service that you are using, which brand you are using, your complaint with full background and as much evidence as you can muster, your expectations from the company, and a contact number where you can reached in business hours.

What Are Your Escalation Options?

The company advises its customers to first try to resolve their EE complaints via telephone. However, if this does not work out, the company asks complainants to write to it. In case of mobile phone complaints, the letter can be sent to the company’s Complaint Investigations Team but if the complaint is related to their broadband services then it should be sent to their Customer Care department. Internally, EE complaints can be escalated to the level of Customer Service Team Leader and subsequently the Operations Manager. However, if internal escalations do not result in your complaints being resolved then you can take your complaint to CISAS or Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme. CISAS is an ombudsman service for the communications industry.

It is worth noting that you cannot approach CISAS unless you have gone through the complete complaints process of the company itself or eight weeks have passed without your EE complaints getting resolved. CISAS is a neutral organisation which means that it is unbiased and impartial while dealing with the complaints that it receives. In the end, even if CISAS’s resolution is not to your liking and you think your expectations are not unrealistic then you can reject their decision and move the legal system against the company. Before doing this, you should tell the company in a letter that you plan on taking legal action because your EE complaints have not been resolved as you believe they should have been. You should keep in mind that legal action can last a considerable amount of time and require you to invest a lot of time and effort.