Focusing On Virgin Mobile Complaints Resolution

Virgin Mobile complaints historyThere are various ways of assessing a service provider. However, most of them involve comparing the service provider with its competitors. The variety comes into play in terms of variables or elements that various service providers are compared upon. For instance, if you were interested in comparing mobile network service providers in the United Kingdom like Virgin Mobile, then the variables usually compared include type of available packages, charges being levied, unique features being provided, and network integrity.

While some people would take into account these variables, very few would even consider analysing the history of complaints being made against the company. The obvious reason for this is that, due to a certain lack of awareness, people would not know how to find the Virgin Mobile complaints history or statistcs for the company’s competitors. Even so, assessing Virgin Mobile complaints is a good way to figure out how good the company really is. Here are some details.

Virgin Mobile Complaints

It is not immediately clear why a person would put assessing Virgin Mobile complaints above evaluating other elements because, to all outward appearances, complaints made against a company do not have any direct impact on one consumer. However, indirectly, there is a lot of relevance to studying this data for Virgin Mobile. For instance, there is no point in having access to hundreds of features if the company providing them is unable to respond promptly to activating them for their customers. Similarly, a huge and far-reaching network is useless to a consumer if the company does not maintain it or react quickly enough to fix problems reported by him. Studying this data would indirectly give you an idea of how good the company is at handling breakdowns, mistakes, and systemic errors so that the services being rendered to their customers are not interrupted for long.

Virgin Mobile’s Network Services Performance

virgin-mobile-broadbandBefore you can delve deep into the statistical data provided by Ofcom on complaints against Virgin Mobile, you need to understand how this mobile network service provider is set up. Virgin Mobile, in the year of 1999, became the world’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). A virtual mobile network operator is defined as a mobile network operator that does not maintain and manage the mobile network that it uses.

Instead, such an operator uses the mobile network of another operator to cater to its clients by way of one or a series of business contracts. These contracts usually involve the right for using the mobile network at wholesale rates supplemented by independent client servicing, marketing, sales, and billing management divisions. Virgin Mobile uses the mobile network of EE which boasts of having the most widespread mobile network in the country covering 98 percent of the population. Virgin Mobile offers both Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly mobile services to the people of United Kingdom. In addition to this, Virgin Mobile offer mobile broadband services utilising the 3G network of EE.

Virgin Mobile Complaints Trends

Virgin Mobile’s reputation is of a company that is not complained about often and this is something that is visible in the  the complaint statistics provided by Ofcom. The data, which covers a period between the third quarter of 2011 and the third quarter of 2013, shows Virgin Mobile to be second from the bottom amongst the most complained about mobile network service providers in the United Kingdom. Only O2 was the company with fewer complaints to Ofcom than Virgin Mobile in the aforementioned period. In this period, the worst quarter experienced by Virgin Mobile in terms of Virgin Mobile complaints to Ofcom was the third quarter of 2011 where Ofcom received 0.15 complaints for every 1, 000 customers of Virgin Mobile. This number came down to about 0.09 complaints for every 1, 000 customers by the third quarter of 2013. This shows a decent improvement in the ability of the company to cater to complaints from its customers in the period specified.

Virgin Mobile’s Position Vis-À-Vis Industry Complaint Benchmarks

While the fact that Virgin Mobile happens to be the second least complained about mobile network service provider in the United Kingdom after O2 is to its credit, Virgin Mobile gives mixed results when compared to the industry averages in the specified period. Throughout the period, complaints against Virgin Mobile are lesser than industry averages. This means that the performance of the company is better than the industry benchmarks when it comes to handling complaints from its customers. However, in the last quarter of the specified period i.e. Q3 2013, there were around 0.09 complaints for every 1, 000 Virgin Mobile customers when the industry average was only 0.07 complaints for every 1, 000 customers. Fortunately, the difference between Virgin Mobile complaints history and industry average is only minor which implies that this may be an anomaly against the established trends. Effectively, if you are using this data to figure out whether you should give your business to the company or not, then the statistical data should convince you towards the positive answer.

File a Complaint with Virgin Mobile Support Team. How to get help with your Virgin Mobile Complaints.

On the other hand, you could just be studying the Virgin Mobile complaints history because you also have a serious complaint against the company that was not catered to properly and you want to know how many others in the country are suffering like you. In such a scenario, you will find that there are not many people that go to Ofcom to complain about Virgin Mobile which essentially means that if you put in a little more effort into complaining to the company on the Virgin Mobile contact number then you may find your problem being resolved by its support team. The trick, of course, is to be objective and understand the complaints redressal procedure well. You can make your Virgin Mobile complaints heard through four ways – visiting their store, calling them, emailing them, or posting your complaint to them. However, if your problem is convoluted then you may require the intervention of Ombudsman Services: Communications to get a favourable resolution.