Making Environment Agency Complaints

Environment_Agency_LogoEven government agencies with their numerous checks and balances in place have been known to mistakes once in a while. The reasons for such mistakes vary greatly including unforeseeable circumstances, human error, and overworked operations. The work of government agencies such as the Environment Agency has a direct impact on not only the life of the people in the present but also in the future. Therefore, if they make a mistake or something is flawed in their approach altogether, it becomes important for the citizens of the United Kingdom to complain. If you have had an experience that has given rise to some Environment Agency complaints then you can get them catered to by the complaints department of this agency. Consider the following.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Environment Agency?

The Environment Agency was established around 17 years ago in 1996 as a part of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom government. The overall responsibility of the Environment Agency is the protection and enhancement of the environment while also facilitating sustainable development. On the ground level, this means a number of responsibilities including.

  1. Regulating major industries,
  2. Managing floods and coastal risks,
  3. Taking care of water quality and similar resources,
  4. Regulating waste management,
  5. Managing climate change,
  6. Nurturing fisheries,
  7. Supporting response to environmental emergencies,
  8. Repairing contaminated land, and
  9. Conserving environment,

These responsibilities the Environment Agency mean that the agency is responsible for many critical aspects of life in the United Kingdom. The critical nature of its responsibilities can give rise to many Environment Agency complaints. Here is the Environment Agency complaints procedure that should help you if you want to complain about something as well.

What Kind Of Environment Agency Complaints Can You Have?

Environment Agency complaintsAll situations where the work of the Environment Agency has an impact on the citizens of the United Kingdom or there is direct interaction with the public can lead to Environment Agency complaints. Here are some of the more likely complaints you can have.

  1. Fishing licence: If you are a fisherman or interested in fishing as a hobby, you may have complaints about the process of gaining a licence.
  2. Land management and agriculture: Many activities related to land management or agriculture in the country will require permissions from the Environment Agency which can lead to mistakes and, hence, complaints.
  3. Environmental permissions: Certain installations, constructions, waste handling, and ground water activities may require permission from the Environment Agency which can also lead to procedural complaints.
  4. Preparation for floods: The Environment Agency is responsible for preparations for flooding which may be lacking in certain instances causing complaints.
  5. Boat registrations: If you own a boat then you will need to register it with the Environment Agency which can cause complaints as well.

How Can You Make Environment Agency Complaints?

If you do have Environment Agency complaints then you should not have any trouble making yourself heard because there are four different ways for you to contact the Environment Agency. The first of these ways, and the simplest, is to call the Environment Agency. The second method is to email the agency at The third method is to simply contact the agency with your Environment Agency complaints through the online form which they have provided on their website. The final, and the slowest, method is to simply write a complaints letter and send it to them by post.

What Are Your Escalation Options In Terms Of Environment Agency Complaints?

While the response of the agency to most Environment Agency complaints is prompt and efficient, there may be situations where you are not happy with the response that you have received. In such situations, if your complaint is serious enough, you may want to escalate it. There are various levels of escalation which must be followed in a hierarchical manner. Consider the following.

  1. If the response to your initial complaint is not satisfactory then you can contact the Environment Agency again with the details and they would escalate it to a senior officer. This officer will reconsider all the aspects of the complaint afresh and respond to you with his findings.
  2. If even the second response to your Environment Agency complaints is not good enough then you can ask the agency to take your complaint to the regional or national director who will again consider the situation from a fresh perspective.
  3. The above two were internal escalations. If you are not happy with even the regional or national director’s response then you have the option to contact an ombudsman. There are two options available to you in this regard in terms of your specific type of complaint. The first option is to contact the Local Government Ombudsman but this is only if your Environment Agency complaints are related to and drainage and flooding. If your complaint is not related to either of these things then you can contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

What Has The Environment Agency Done With Previous Complaints?

The record of the agency is very good with all the Environment Agency complaints that it has received in the past. It has not only managed to assuage the complainants but also put in place measures within its operations so that the same complaints do not arise again. Here is a list of some of the Environment Agency complaints and what the agency did with them.

  1. When the agency received a complaint stating that its waste carrier licence application procedure was not clear enough, it decided to establish a new system for registering waste carriers and made an effort to improve information dissemination by improving its web content. The new improvements are expected to go online this year.
  2. After the Environment Agency received complaints that said that it is not doing enough river maintenance work such as dredging, the agency decided to tie up with local communities for support and even initiated pilot programs to streamline such coordination further.
  3. The agency received Environment Agency complaints about navigational barriers on rivers and redoubled its efforts to remove barriers caused by flooding while simultaneously making people aware how natural barriers work.