O2 Complaints: The Least Complained About Mobile Company in the UK

O2 complaints historyUnited Kingdom is technologically one of the most advanced countries in the world. This is evident by the level to which UK citizens rely on technology. For instance, mobile subscriptions in the UK amount to a whopping 82.7 million which translates into the fact that 94 percent of adults in the country have a mobile phone. These titbits also support the fact that 15 percent of the country’s population lives in a mobile only household.

The dependence on mobile phones is made obvious by the fact that every mobile subscriber in the nation sends at least 200 text messages every month. Thus, it would not be surprising if you are giving importance to your next mobile connection and are considering O2 as your potential service provider. Before you give your business to O2 simply on the basis of reputation, though, you should check the O2 complaints history as it would have a bearing on the quality of the services you get.

O2’s History and Services in the Big Scheme of Things

O2 is easily one of the most respected mobile service providers in the country. While the main reason why it has such a reputation is its penchant to truly cater to its customers and have flawlessly working facilities and services, a smaller part is also its accomplished marketing campaign which includes being the erstwhile sponsor of the Arsenal FC. O2 is, essentially, a brand marketed by Telefonica UK that boasts of more than 23 million customers. O2’s services include the usual 2G and 3G but also the revolutionary 4G networks. Furthermore, O2 is also known for O2 Wi-Fi which is widely known as the largest free Wi-Fi zone in the whole of Europe.

Pertinence of O2 Complaints History

O2 London OfficeIf you are interested in getting a new mobile connection then it is advisable for you to delve into the complaints history of the mobile service provider that you are considering. However, this kind of an evaluation is only useful if the complaints statistics come from an independent, third party such as Ofcom. When you analyse the O2 statistics on the basis of Ofcom statistics, you get an idea of how often the company gets complaints from its customers and how well it takes care of them.

The reason for this is simply that customer complaints can only be taken to Ofcom if the company responsible does not take care of it first because Ofcom only considers complaints that have gone unanswered for more than a period of eight weeks or complaints that come with a deadlock letter issued by the company responsible. Thus, in simplest of terms, complaints about O2 will only reach Ofcom if the company has not taken care of its customers’ complaints, which is why the O2 data is a good marker for its performance in catering to its customers.

Steady Improvement in Ofcom Complaints against O2

Ofcom’s statistics for O2 complaints span a period between Q3, 2011 and Q3, 2013 wherein the number of O2 complaints has steadily fallen. In Q3, 2011, the statistics shows complaints numbering 0.05 per 1, 000 customers while by Q3, 2012, the number of complaints went down to only 0.03 per 1, 000 customers. Moreover, in the quarters between these two, O2 complaints never went beyond 0.06 for every 1, 000 O2 customers. While this may not seem a significant reduction, it must be viewed as such because O2 managed to reduce complaints against it to Ofcom despite there being so few complaints to begin with. This is a clear sign of O2’s commitment towards its customer base in terms of not only improving the quality of their services but also improving their capabilities of handling discrepancies and complaints.

Managing O2 Complaints Compared to Its Competitors

While trends of O2 complaints to Ofcom are the keys to determining how devoted the company is to its customers, the area where O2 truly excels is when it is compared to its individual competitors such as Orange, Three UK, T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Vodafone. Through the specified period of the O2 complaints, the number of Ofcom complaints against O2 was the lowest amongst its competitors. In simple words, this means that O2 is the least complained about mobile service provider in the country. In fact, O2 complaints were few in the beginning and remained insignificant when compared to other companies in the segment. In Q3, 2011, there were only 0.05 O2 complaints for every 1, 000 O2 customers, while Orange complaints were 0.16, Three UK complaints were 0.18, T-Mobile complaints and Virgin Mobile complaints were 0.15 each, and Vodafone complaints were 0.16 per 1, 000 customers. By Q3, 2013, O2 complaints had gone down to 0.03 complaints for every 1, 000 O2 customers, Orange had 0.12, Three UK had 0.06, T-Mobile had 0.13, Virgin Mobile had 0.09, and Vodafone had 0.05.

Industry Averages vs. O2 Complaints

Not only did O2 fare better than all its competitors in the same segment throughout the O2 complaints period between Q3, 2011 and Q3, 2013 but the company also did better than the industry benchmarks. In Q3, 2011, the industry benchmark or average was 0.13 complaints per 1, 000 customers to O2’s 0.05 while in Q3, 2013, the industry average was 0.07 to O2’s 0.03 complaints per 1, 000 customers. Effectively, it can be said that O2 has consistently exhibited an ability to perform better than the whole industry when it comes to taking care of its customers and their complaints.

Making O2 Complaints and How To Get Answers

Analysis of the O2 complaints history, thus, shows us that if you currently have or ever have O2 complaints then the company would do everything to resolve it amicably with you. Making O2 complaints is a simple procedure as well because you can simply call them, email them, or post your complaints to them. There is also the option of availing O2’s impartial review, a process whose details are available in the public domain on their website. Thus, even if the initial step does not see your O2 complaints being resolved, you can always ask for an impartial review before escalating the matter to Ombudsman Services: Communications.