O2 Complaints: Putting Things Right

O2 logoO2 is easily one of the more recognisable brand names in the United Kingdom largely because of its penetration of the mobile market in the country and to a lesser extent due to its long standing marketing ties with sports and sports teams. Despite having control over a large percentage of the UK market, O2 still boasts of a very good record in terms of how many O2 complaints it receives per 1, 000 customers per month, as per the statistics of Ofcom, the industry watchdog.

According to Ofcom’s numbers, complaints about O2 are significantly lower than its competitors and even lower than the industry average. However, this does not mean that you cannot have complaints about O2. Instead, it only means that if you do have such complaints then you should look to resolve them quickly because you are a part of the minority when it comes to O2 customers.

Nature of O2 and the Services It Provides

O2 is a brand name and the company behind it is Telefónica UK Limited which is a part of the European powerhouse known as the Telefónica Europe plc. The company holds the second spot in the list of the largest mobile telecommunications providers in the United Kingdom. O2 traces its roots to 1985 when it was formed in the form of Cellnet. Following Cellnet, the company’s name changed to BT Cellnet and mmO2 plc before the O2 brand was created. There are various services being offered under the O2 brand ranging from pay monthly mobile services to business packages.

Different Ways of Getting Your O2 Complaints Through

If you have complaints about O2 then you would want to have them resolved but this is only possible if you follow the whole complaints procedure of the company. There are various ways through which you can initiate contact with the company. The simplest method you can use to contact the company with your O2 complaints is to call them on O2 contact numbers. Different numbers are provided for different types of complaints and different numbers are also available for customers calling from different types of phones such as O2 mobile, landline, and abroad. There is also a live chat feature on the O2 website that you can use to get your complaints through. The final method is to post your complaints to the company.

Different Types of O2 Complaints and How They Are Handled

O2 complaintsYour complaints can be related to any aspect of the company’s services and processes. While the company tries to resolve all types of complaints as quickly as possible, time constraints can be different for some and technical difficulties hard to cope with, with others. Knowing how complaints can be different can, thus, be helpful for you.

  1. Handset: If you have acquired a handset as a part of a package from O2 and it malfunctions then you should understand that such packages are a result of tie ups between the mobile network operator and the handset manufacturer. This means that even though you can take handset related O2 complaints to O2, you need to be a little lenient with your expectations because the solution in the end will come from the handset manufacturers and the company will have to coordinate with them.
  2. Roaming: Roaming services can also result in complaints especially if the roaming network does not perform as well as it is expected to. In such a scenario, you can take your complaints to O2 and expect a response within five days.
  3. Network: O2 claims to cover more than 99.5 percent of the country’s population with its network. Even so, it is possible that temporary hitches and obstacles can add up to create network problems for you which can turn into serious O2 complaints.
  4. Billing: Billing complaints tend to be more serious than other complaints, in most situations because of the sensitivity of the subject of finances. The company’s commitment to billing O2 complaints is that it will try to resolve them within 24 hours but if that is not possible then it will give a resolution or an update on the problem to the complainant within 48 hours. The moment such a complaint becomes evident and the matter goes under investigation, O2 puts a note on the customer’s account which is not removed till the matter is resolved without dispute.
  5. Miscellaneous: There are many other types of problems that can arise related to the use of O2 services. However, most problems can be dealt with easily and swiftly.

Escalating Your O2 Complaints

There are two ways through which O2 complaints can be escalated. The first escalation option is possible within the company while the second one would require you to see the ombudsman responsible for the industry. The first method means the involvement of Team Managers, which is something that can be asked by the complainant. Additionally, a complainant has the option to take the matter to the Complaints Review Service for an impartial review of the complaint and how it has been handled till now. It is important to note that this impartial review is still handled by company officials. People conducting the impartial review would require as much relevant information as possible including name and contact information of the complainant, his account details, description of what he expects as resolution, and information on all the previous dealings with the company that may have bearing on the current complaint.

As per the company, it will try to handle impartial reviews of O2 complaints within 7 business days. If even the impartial review does not turn out to be sufficient for the complainant then the matter can be taken to Ombudsman Services: Communications. These services are neutral, objective, and unbiased which means that resolutions are solely based on facts and legal implications of the matter. The ombudsman can only be approached in two situations. The first is if eight weeks have passed without a tangible resolution being stuck between the company and the complainant while the second is if the company has given the complainant a deadlock letter. The complainant cannot take any complaint to the ombudsman without first trying to resolve the matter with the company.