Resolve Your TalkTalk Complaints

TalkTalk complaints historyWhen it comes to innovation, the United Kingdom boasts as one of the leading communications markets in the world. All the stakeholders of the country’s communications market are always trying to outdo each other through various things such as features, facilities, customer care, and prices. Moreover, the country values communication tools more than other nations as well, as is evident from Ofcom’s statistics on various areas.

The backbone of the country’s communications industry is formed by two services which are the age-old but still reliable landline services and the fixed broadband services. In both these segments, the TalkTalk Group is a major player which is why any individual considering a new connection within these segments has to assess TalkTalk Group’s capabilities before finally deciding on a service provider. If you have decided to use the TalkTalk complaints history to assess the Group’s commitment to its customers then you have made a very wise decision. Consider the following.

What Is The TalkTalk Group All About?

TalkTalk Group traces its root back to being a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse in 2003. However, it came to be a full-fledged company in 2010 when it was demerged from its parent company. The TalkTalk Group projects itself as providing value for money services to the citizens of the country which means that it targets people who want to pay less but get more. The services of the TalkTalk Group can be broken down into four categories which are landline, fixed broadband, mobile, and even Pay TV services. Because of this, the organisation has the distinction of being second commercial organisation in the United Kingdom to offer quadruple play service after Virgin Media was the first to take this mantle.

How Well Do TalkTalk Manage Customer Complaints?

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There are two situations in which studying the TalkTalk complaints is important. The first is if you are looking to change service providers or get a mobile, broadband, landline, or Pay TV connection for the first time. The second is if you are already a TalkTalk Group customer and want to know whether your experiences with the Group’s customer support are standalone or if you are a part of a greater group. Studying the statistics of the TalkTalk Group will give you a rough idea of the level to which the Group can take care of its customers. In the first scenario, studying the Group’s history will also help you figure out whether you want to get a connection from the TalkTalk Group. Such studies are most beneficial if the data is drawn from an independent third party such as Ofcom.

How good are TalkTalk’s Landline Deals?

As per Ofcom’s statistics on complaints, the TalkTalk complaints data in the landline segment does not reflect well on the Group. In the statistics, which cover a period of nine quarters between Q3, 2011 and Q3, 2013, the Group’s complaints history shows the complaints against the company to always be higher than its competitors by a significant margin. For instance, in Q3, 2011, TalkTalk complaints numbered 0.82 for every 1, 000 TalkTalk customers which was the highest. The second position in terms of number of complaints was held by BT with only 0.29 complaints per 1, 000 customers, which was more than two times below TalkTalk Group’s numbers.

Similarly, in Q3, 2013, while TalkTalk complaints were around 0.31 per 1, 000 customers, BT’s (second position) were 0.23 complaints per 1, 000 customers. Furthermore, the Group’s complaints history shows that complaints against the Group to Ofcom remained higher than the industry benchmarks throughout the period. While the industry average was 0.34 complaints per 1, 000 customers in Q3, 2011, it was 0.19 complaints per 1, 000 customers in Q3, 2013. One silver lining for the TalkTalk Group in terms of its complaints history was that the number of complaints went down steadily in the period going from 0.82 in Q3, 2011 to as low as 0.31 in Q3, 2013. This shows that improvements were made by the Group to take care of its customers better.

TalkTalk Broadband Performance Complaints?

The TalkTalk Group did perform better in the fixed broadband segment though, as per the TalkTalk complaints history based on numbers from Ofcom. In this segment, while the TalkTalk Group was the most complained about organisation in first four quarters, it slowly reined in the problems to a point where it was only third most complained organisation in a group of five by the last quarter i.e. Q3, 2013. There was also a marked reduction in Ofcom complaints against the TalkTalk Group with the numbers falling from 0.61 complaints per 1, 000 customers in Q3, 2011 to only 0.27 by Q3, 2013. This reduction also brought the number of TalkTalk complaints closer to industry average over the specified period. The industry average in Q3, 2011 was 0.36 complaints per 1, 000 customers but came down to 0.22 by Q3, 2013.

Why Is There No TalkTalk Complaints History For Mobile And Paid TV Segments?

As the TalkTalk Group also offers mobile and Pay TV services, you are most likely wondering why the TalkTalk complaints history does not include those segments, especially if you know that Ofcom is responsible for those segments as well. The reason why information on those segments is unavailable is that the TalkTalk Group only introduced those two services in the year of 2012. The Group introduced SIM only and mobile handset inclusive contracts along with its Pay TV service in 2012 but the period between the launch and Q3, 2013 was too small for any significant data to be gathered by Ofcom.

How Can You Make A TalkTalk Complaint?

The TalkTalk complaints process is fairly simple but you should be aware of it, regardless of whether you are already a TalkTalk customer or plan on becoming one. There are three ways through which you can complain to the TalkTalk Group which include by telephone, by email, and by post. The Group even has internal escalation systems where you can have your complaint taken to a manager or even to the CEO’s office.