See Tickets Complaints: What Can You Do?

see tickets logoEntertainment, rest, relaxation, and recreation are as important in life as education, work, and finances. If an individual is unable to relax at regular intervals then the pressures of life will end up being too difficult to handle. This is why people like to go to concerts, sports events, and theatre events.

However, when something goes wrong with this aspect of a person’s life as well, the frustration can be unbearable. It is not that rare for this to happen as See Ticket users have realised over the years. If you have also had a bad experience with See Tickets then it is likely that you have certain See Tickets complaints that you want resolved. If this is indeed the case, then consider the following.

Listing the Kind of See Tickets Complaints Possible

People who do not have a lot experience with ticketing services often think that not a lot can go wrong with such transactions. However, even ticketing services have multiple facets which can go wrong and cause a lot of trouble for the customer. This means that you can have a wide variety of complaints with See Tickets that you need to have resolved. What are these different types of See Tickets complaints? The following is a list.

  1. Not Receiving Tickets: Typically, See Tickets dispatches tickets around seven to 10 days before the date on which the event is being held. This is done to prevent reselling of the tickets. However, the short delivery time can lead to the tickets not being delivered on time which would naturally lead to See Tickets complaints.
  2. Tickets for Wrong Seats: If you have chosen your seats carefully and receive tickets which are for other seats then this can naturally frustrate you, especially if the prices of the two sets of seats are different.
  3. Tickets for Wrong Event: It is even possible for you receive tickets for the wrong event, in which case you would want to have them replaced immediately.
  4. Overcharged Tickets: Most customers have complaints about being overcharged in their purchases through additional variables such as ticket refund protection insurances.
  5. Incomplete Information on The Tickets: You could even complain to See Tickets if the ticket that has been provided to you does not contain the information that it is supposed to by law such as specifying that the view is partially blocked for some seats.
  6. Misleading Sales Practices: Any commercial entity using sales practices that are misleading or untrue is in the wrong by the country’s rules and regulations. Therefore, if you were made to believe that you are getting a certain product but the actual product was below those standards then you can also have See Tickets complaints.
  7. Unprofessional Conduct of Employees: The simplest of complaints probably have to with unprofessional behaviour of the employee you are dealing with. See Tickets sees a lot of complaints based on their employees being rude to their customers.

Ensuring That Your See Tickets Complaints Are Heard?

See Tickets ComplaintsSee Tickets does not have a publicly well-defined, specific complaints redressal process. However, a customer with a reference number can choose to log into the company website and contact it with his complaints online. Depending on the nature of the complaint, it is then either handled online or a phone call is arranged. Usually, See Tickets has been known to prefer emailing over telephone conversations.

The biggest problem people face with complaints about See Tickets is that they only develop late into the event schedule. What this means is that as the customer receives the tickets he purchased only seven to 10 days before the event is to be held, he does not have a lot of time to raise complaints and have them catered to. This, along with the fact that the company prefers writing over talking for handling See Tickets complaints, makes it even more important for people to learn how to write complaints letters. This is important for you to do because it will ensure that you facilitate the complaints redressal system as much as possible and reduce the need for repeated back and forth communication.

Taking the Matter to STAR

If the internal See Tickets complaints process does not provide you with the resolution that you are looking for then you will want to escalate your complaints. The only way to escalate your complaints is to approach the trade association that See Tickets is a member of. This means that you will have to take your complaint to the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers or STAR. While trade associations like STAR do not have the power to force See Tickets to provide a resolution that you desire, it can still be a method of applying pressure on the company. For instance, if the behaviour of See Tickets does not conform to the trade association’s code of practice then it can warn the company, issue fines, or even cancel their membership. Each of these actions is not desired by a trade association member as it brings disrepute to the company.

Other Escalation Methods That You Can Use

There is another level of escalation that you can undertake provided the requisites are met. You can take your See Tickets complaints to the local trading standards department if you feel that some laws have been broken by the company. However, you should be aware that such a decision may only result in the company being punished and not in recompense for your complaint. If you are looking for recompense or some action from the company then you always have the option of taking your complaints to the courts. Legal counsel and formal arbitration are the best option if you truly want to escalate your complaints. The problem with this ultimate form of escalation, however, is that you will have to invest time, effort, and even money pursuing the matter to completion. This is why you must ensure that you are in the right before you take your See Tickets complaints to this level.

See Complaints Number can be reached by phoning them on 0843 515 8454 there’s a standard rate of  7p/min + operator’s access charge that may apply.