Sky Complaints: A Positive Resolution

sky_logoVery few companies have managed to have the kind of impact on the United Kingdom that Sky has had with its services and its advertising campaigns. Known equally for the quality of its services, market penetration, and sponsoring of the English Premier League, Sky has come to be regarded as one of the most recognisable names in the country.

However, this does not mean that the company is impervious to mistakes and technical down times. Sky complaints, while less numerous than complaints about other similar companies, are still significant enough to not be ignored. Fortunately, the company has one of the better complaints redressal systems in the industry which allows it to correct its mistakes and appease its complaining customers as soon as possible.

What Is Sky And What Kind Of Services Do They Offer?

Sky is the brand name of British Sky Broadcasting Group plc which was formed in 1990 through the merger of British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky Television. The merger, when it was initiated, was fairly controversial and was investigated by the authorities in addition to receiving a lot of attention from the media. Currently, 21st Century Fox also has a stake in Sky which amounts to around 39.14 percent. The company known as BSkyB offers varying services including landline connections, broadband connections, and Pay TV services. Sky is known for offering high end features as a part of its services which has allowed it to gradually grow in importance and reach in the United Kingdom market.

How to Make Sky Complaints?

Sky complaintsThere are several ways through which you can make your Sky complaints heard and all of them have merit in their own unique ways. The most common method of making Sky complaints would be for you to call Sky’s customer care contact number for the relevant service and then speak to their support staff. This method usually yields quick results but its main flaw is that it will not provide you with written proof of your discussions, in case you need to escalate your complaint. Another method to get support from Sky would be to use the live chat facility available on their website. This facility is available round the week between 0700 hours and 2300 hours.

On the Sky website is also available an online form that can be used to make Sky complaints. This online form contains numerous fields for various types of information and you must try to fill as much of it as you can for quick resolution of your complaint. Finally, there is also the option to use conventional post to send your Sky complaints to the company. This process while slow can turn out to be useful with contentious problems because complicated complaints often need to be escalated before they are resolved and proofs provided by this method are irrefutable.

What Types Of Sky Complaints Can You Have?

There are essentially five categories into which Sky complaints can be grouped. These categories are mainly defined by the services provided by Sky and other crucial areas defined by Sky, itself. Knowing how your complaints can be categorised can help you facilitate the resolution process. Consider the following.

  1. Sky TV complaints: If you are using Sky TV then your complaints would qualify into this category. Common complaints include technical problems with signal reception, hardware issues, upgrade problems, and cancellation concerns.
  2. Sky Broadband complaints: Another subdivision of Sky’s services is Sky Broadband which means that you could have complaints about this service as well. Common complaints comprise technical connectivity problems, Wi-Fi problems, Sky Email issues, upgrades, downgrades, and cancellations.
  3. Sky Talk complaints: Sky Talk is the name for Sky’s landline services and if your complaints about this service then it would be categorised here. Common complaints include technical problems along with upgrading, downgrading, and cancellation of packages.
  4. Online services complaints: There are many online services that Sky offers to its customers through its Sky iDs. Problems with this aspect of their services are also responsible for many of their complaints.
  5. Account & Billing complaints: One of the most critical types of Sky complaints you can have is about billing and account discrepancies. Examples of such complaints include billing discrepancies, refunds, credits, special offers, discounts, tracking orders, and even Sky’s Protect Insurance.

How Should You Expect Your Sky Complaints To Be Handled?

Sky is not only known for having good services and low number of Sky complaints but also for the efficient and swift manner in which it deals with those complaints. The company is well known for being conscientious about the complaints it receives and trying to resolve them as soon as possible. Typically, it does not take more than 10 days to resolve complaints but if the problem is particularly convoluted then the resolution can take much longer than what the company aims for. However, if such a situation arises then the complainant will be involved and updated throughout the resolution process. The 10 day period is relevant for complaints made by phone, internet, and post but phone and internet complaints are usually resolved quickly by Sky. In fact, the majority of Sky complaints made via phone are resolved by the customer service department while the complainant is still on the line.

Are There Escalation Options That You Can Take Up?

Customers have the option of escalating their Sky complaints within the company itself and this is important because it forms a part of the whole complaints process that a customer has to go through before he can truly escalate the problem to the level of the ombudsman. If you have done everything possible to try to resolve your Sky complaints and have either received a deadlock letter from Sky or eight weeks have passed, you can approach Ombudsman Services: Communications. These services are not only neutral and objective but also completely free of cost for the complainant. Objectivity and neutrality means that the ombudsman will investigate your complaint without bias and with complete impartiality. Moreover, you should not hesitate from going to the ombudsman if your complaints have not been resolved because you will always have the option of rejecting their final decision and move the court if you are unhappy with the resolution proposed by them.