Sky TV Complaints: Options Available

Sky TV logoSky TV, which is run by BSkyB is easily the largest pay TV service provider in the United Kingdom. It boasts of more than ten million customers with market capitalisation amounting to a significant 14.32 billion pounds. BSkyB was formed through the merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting at a time when the two companies were competing against each other and struggling financially as a result of their competition.

The merger achieved what it was supposed to and created a much more stable and financially secure company with good operational efficiency. While this company is one of the least complained about providers of pay TV services, there are still Sky TV complaints that it has to deal with.

What Kinds Of Sky TV Complaints Are Common?

Despite boasting of good systems for ensuring quality service, the size of Sky TV’s customer base means that customers can have complaints about any of its services. This means that if you use Sky TV then your Sky TV complaints could be categorised into any number of categories. Consider the following.

  1. Complaints related to having more than one satellite television box in the house,
  2. Financial complaints related to billing, subscription fees, refunds, hidden fees, and pay per view,
  3. Concerns about accounts being blocked or being limited unfairly,
  4. Technical problems associated with the proper functioning of set-top boxes or controllers,
  5. Troubles connected to features of various packages, and
  6. Problems with the behaviour or conduct of the customer service team.

While these may be the most common types of Sky TV complaints amongst the customer base of the company, it is worth pointing out that it is possible for a customer to have a complaint that does not conform to any in the above list. Still, whether your complaints are from the list above or beyond, they cannot be resolved unless you bring them to the attention of the company’s support personnel.

How Can You Make Your Sky TV Complaints?

Sky TV complaintsLike all big corporations, Sky TV also provides multiple avenues to its customers to contact them, if there is need. This means that there are various ways through which you can bring your Sky TV complaints to the attention of the company. The first method that you can employ is to simply use the live chat module that Sky TV has on its website. This method would be free and quick provided you contact the support executive behind the module in the time frame that he is available which is between 7 am and 11 pm every day of the week.

Another way you can complain to the company is by calling on the Sky TV contact number. This method is convenient and usually results in quick resolution of any complaints that you may have. Moreover, if you use Sky Talk in addition to Sky TV, then such a call would also be free. However, if you do not then you may have to pay somewhere around 5.1p per minute and 15p connection. The final method that you can use to contact Sky TV and tell them of your complaints is via the internet. The process is simple and all you need to do is fill the form that the company provides on its website with as many details as possible. Typically, the company takes around two to three days to respond to Sky TV complaints made in this manner.

What to Expect From Sky TV after Filing Your Complaint?

Sky follows a well-defined protocol when it comes to dealing with complaints from its customers. As the company’s future business depends on its reputation and its reputation depends on how good its services and support system is, it is important for the company to ensure that it deals with complaints fairly and swiftly.

  1. Phone: The usual process followed by the company to deal with Sky TV complaints brought through the phone is to consider the situation and try to resolve the problem immediately. However, if the problem requires the attention of a specialist then the company transfers the call to that specialist. In situations where the problem cannot be resolved, the company provides a timeline to the complainant.
  2. Letter: If the complaint is sent via email or post then the company will assign the most suitable of its employees to consider all the aspects specified in the letter and any information available in their records. The response to the complaint is usually given via phone but if this is not possible, the company responds in writing.
  3. Time: The company’s procedures state that it will respond to complaints within a period of 10 days even if they are sent through post. However, if some complaints are too complex to be resolved in this period then the company will inform the complainant on when to expect a resolution.

How Can You Escalate Your Sky TV Complaints?

The majority of complaints are resolved amicably and quickly by Sky TV but certain situations may be too convoluted to be resolved clearly. In such an event, you might not be completely satisfied with the resolution that you have been given by the company. If this happens to you, then you do have options to escalate your Sky TV complaints. The first thing you can do is ask the company to review the whole complaint and resolution process with clarifications on why they were not satisfactory to you.

If even after escalating your complaint inside the company the results are not good enough or eight weeks have passed without a resolution then you can approach Ombudsman Services: Communication. If eight weeks have not passed but the resolution given to you is not satisfactory then you can ask for a deadlock letter from the company and escalate your Sky TV complaints to the level of the ombudsman. It is important to approach the ombudsman within six months of the deadlock letter being issued. The ombudsman will treat the dispute neutrally and come up with an objective resolution that you may or may not accept.

If you’ll call the Sky TV Complaints Number on 0843 515 8450 there’s a standard charge of 7p per minute plus your operator’s access charge that may apply.