T-Mobile Complaints: Gaining Quick Resolution

t-mobile-logoT-Mobile has a good reputation in the United Kingdom when it comes to their mobile network service. However, while the company is viewed very positively in terms of how it deals with the T-Mobile complaints that it receives, it is still one of the most complained about companies in the nation. In fact, as per last reports of Ofcom, T-Mobile was the most complained about mobile network service provider in the United Kingdom when compared to its competitors. It even clocked more complaints than the industry average. What this means is that many T-Mobile customers are bound to have complaints sooner or later. Therefore, if you are a customer of this company as well then you should make sure that you are aware of their T-Mobile complaints procedure and what other options you have even if you do not really have any complaints right now.

How Does T-Mobile Operate?

T-Mobile, in simplest of terms, is a mobile network provider formed as a result of the collaboration of French and German companies. However, in the United Kingdom, T-Mobile is owned and operated by EE, erstwhile Everything Everywhere. EE is widely accepted as the largest mobile network operator in the country as it not only operates T-Mobile but also Orange and its own EE brand. T-Mobile was initially founded as Mercury One2One as the first GSM 1800 network in the world. Since then, following multiple ownership changes and complex mergers, T-Mobile was formed. Currently, the company T-Mobile does not exist but T-Mobile is only a brand name that is used by EE in the United Kingdom market. Thus, what this means is that if you have T-Mobile complaints then they will be forwarded to EE’s complaints department, sooner or later.

What Does EE Commit To When It Comes To Complaints?

T-Mobile complaintsEE was formed after a merger that was fairly controversial. However, the company follows all the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom when it comes to dealing with T-Mobile complaints. In addition to the rules and regulations, T-Mobile’s parent company, EE, is also cognisant of what its consumers expect from it in terms of dealing with their complaints. Here are some things that EE specifies that it is committed to doing.

  1. Making sure the complainant is treated fairly and reasonably,
  2. Helping consumers comprehend the working process behind various services and products,
  3. Ensuring quick and fair resolution of T-Mobile complaints,
  4. Making sure that its products and services adhere to the established rules and laws for the industry,
  5. Making its Code of Practice available to its consumers in digital, written, audio, and braille formats, and
  6. Implementing the requirements as per the Code of Practice.

In simple terms, the company is promising its consumers two things i.e. transparency and fairness. Moreover, as the company is providing its Code of Practice in the public domain, it is bound to follow them to the letter. This is why, while there are many T-Mobile complaints, most of them are resolved quickly and fairly.

How Can You Make T-Mobile Complaints? We’re here to help

The primary way through which you can complain to T-Mobile is to call their customer service centre and lodge your complaint. There are two numbers that the company has provided for this. One is for T-Mobile customers while the other is for people who are not using T-Mobile. The majority of complaints are resolved at this point. Another method you can use to get in touch with the company is through their online support forum. Many complicated problems have been resolved in the forum by T-Mobile representatives primarily because the complaints are visible in the public domain and the company feels compelled to resolve them quickly. In order to ensure that your complaint is resolved quickly, you must do everything in your power to help the company’s representative. For example, you should be mindful of things like not providing facts and being uncooperative can delay a resolution for your complaint. You should also remember the clearer and more factual you are while explaining your problem, the quicker and easier the resolution for it will be.

How do I escalate a T-Mobile Complaint

Sometimes, even when the company tries, it becomes impossible for a complaint to be resolved in a manner where both the parties are satisfied. This is most common with complex situations. If your complaint is also complex in nature then you may have to consider ways and means of escalating your complaint. There are two levels of escalation that you can initiate within and one without the company. If the customer care executive you are talking to is unable to resolve your problem then you can ask to speak to the Team Leader or even Manager.

If even this individual is unable to resolve your problem satisfactorily then you have the option to contact the complaints investigation department of T-Mobile. You can do this by writing a complaints letter and sending it to this department. Your letter must contain all the relevant details such as your contact information, your T-Mobile account details, your complaint details, and the resolution you expect. Finally, if all else fails, you can take your T-Mobile complaints to Ombudsman Services: Communication or Ofcom where they will be investigated by neutral professionals.

Some Examples of T-Mobile Complaints Handled By the Company

There are various T-Mobile complaints that the company has handled in the past ranging from network outages to irresponsible and unprofessional behaviour of their support staff. For instance, an individual complained on the support forum of the company about a support employee who was rude and unprofessional to him and immediately received a response. The support team of the company resolved this individual’s complaint through private messages. Another individual was complaining about the company’s policies for phone replacements while also appreciating the help given to him by one of T-Mobile’s support executives. This gentleman also received a quick response from the support team handling the support forum. The team thanked him for his appreciation of one of their associates and also explained their policies more clearly to him so that such things do not occur again.