Three UK Complaints: Resolve Your Problem Now

Three UK logoStatistically, the United Kingdom boasts of 82.7 million mobile subscribers. Moreover, around 15 percent of the country’s households are mobile only which means that the members of such households do not have landlines but rely on mobile phones for their needs. What all this means is that the United Kingdom depends heavily on mobile connectivity.

Moreover, as mobile connectivity is crucial for many people, it makes it important for them to analyse multiple such companies before deciding on any one of them. This brings Three UK and other companies like it to the fore in a list of important service providers in the nation. Gaining important information is a crucial aspect of making such decisions.

What Is Three UK And What Services Does It Provide?

Three UK is the first video mobile network in the United Kingdom. The company was established in 2003 and one year later became the first company in the country to boast of meeting the regulatory requirement of 80 percent population coverage. It is a brand that is owned by Hutchison Whampoa, a Fortune 500 investment holding company based in Hong Kong. Three UK is currently in the process of upgrading its ever-present 3G network to a 4G LTE network. The upgrade program began at the end of the last year and is expected to continue through till the end of 2014, which has increased the popularity of the brand further. There are four services that are offered under the brand including pay monthly mobile contracts, Pay As You Go mobile packages, pay monthly mobile broadband, and Pay As You Go mobile broadband packages.

Three UK Complaints History?

Most people looking to get a new mobile connection would never consider analysing the complaints histories of the companies they are considering. However, this is easily the clearest and most useful metric to use to evaluate the quality of the services that a mobile network company provides and the kind of backend support they give to their customers. Both, quality of service and backend support are important for a mobile phone user. Effectively, if Three UK is a brand that you are considering, then you should look into the Three UK complaints history in detail.

How Well Have Three UK Complaints Been Handled In The Past?

Three UK complaintsAs per statistics of Ofcom, the industry watchdog, there has been a steady decrease in complaints about the company between the third quarter of 2011 and the third quarter of 2013. What this means is that the service quality along with backend support of the company has been consistently improving in the last two years or so. For instance, in Q3, 2011, the company received 0.18 complaints for every 1, 000 of its customers which was the highest in the period. In fact, the complaints the company received in that period were also higher than the industry average of 0.13 complaints per 1, 000 customers.

Three UK complaints remained steady at this point till Q2, 2012 but dropped steadily in the following quarters to a point where there were only 0.06 complaints per 1, 000 customers in Q3, 2013. This was even lower than the industry average of 0.07 in the same period. Moreover, only two other mobile network service providers fared better than Three UK and they were O2 and Vodafone. This is a significant improvement in a small period of time between Q3, 2011 and Q3, 2013 where the drop has been to the tune of 0.12 Three UK complaints per 1, 000 customers.

How Has Three UK Improved Its Complaints Handling Performance?

Constant improvement in technology and established systems has allowed Three UK to achieve this improvement in this period and this improvement can be expected to continue with their new 4G LTE being made available to the people of United Kingdom. Another reason why Three UK complaints numbers have dropped so drastically is that the company has been taking care of their customers’ complaints better. This means that their customers have not felt the need to approach Ofcom for arbitration and resolution of complaints. This could have only been possible if complaints were being handled by the company in a swift and fair manner. Here are some ways through which that the company has endeavoured to resolve its customers’ Three UK complaints.

  1. Providing a clear complaints code for customers to peruse through. This allows the customers to trust the company more and ensures transparency.
  2. Providing three different ways of conveying complaints to the support department including an online form, a postal address, and a customer care contact number.
  3. Resolving most complaints within 14 days of contact with their customers.

How Can You Make Three UK Complaints?

If you are planning to get a Three UK connection then you can rest easy that the service would be good and if you already have a connection and have Three UK complaints then you should look to get them across to the company as soon as you can so that they can be resolved swiftly. As mentioned above, there are three ways through which you can contact the company with your Three UK complaints. The first is for you to fill their provided online form which contains fields for the information that they will require to resolve your complaints. The second method is to simply call on the Three UK contact number and talk directly to their customer care executive. The majority of complaints can be resolved on the phone provided they are not particularly convoluted.

The final method is to write complaints letters and mail them to the company by conventional post. This method, while slow, has its own benefits such as the fact that you would have irrefutable proof that you have complained as well as what the discussions have been like. This method is most recommended if you think that your complaint is complex, hard to resolve, and possibly contentious. While Three UK complaints that reach the ombudsman services have reduced in number, you should know that you have that right as well if your complaints are not resolved by the company to your satisfaction.