UK Border Agency Complaints: The Entire Process Explained!

UK Border Agency complaintsGetting visas and trying to clear difficult immigration or travel prerequisites can be a difficult task even if you are an individual who lives within the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that, at the end of the day, when you travel to and from other nations, you will have to go through clearance gates. Sometimes, due to any number of reasons, you can end up having a bad experience at one of these clearance posts. When this happens and you know that you have been wronged by some person’s capabilities or some loophole in the established policy, what are your options? The best thing you can do in such situations is deal with the situation as best as you can and, later, file UK Border Agency complaints.

What Does The UK Border Agency Do?

The purpose of the UK Border Agency is to regulate and manage all aspects related to the Visa process and immigration into the United Kingdom including that of enforcement of the established laws and policies. On a specific level, this means that the UK Border Agency is responsible for a variety of tasks such as first time visa applications for entry into UK, applications for extension of stay in the UK, asylum applications, investigation of immigration offenses, and expulsion of unapproved immigrants from the country. Effectively, the workings of the UK Border Agency have an impact on the lives of many people entering and exiting the United Kingdom.

Is There Accountability In The UK Border Agency Complaints Process?

UK-Border-Agency-logoThe UK Border Agency has a well-established system for dealing with complaints from any individual who has cause for the same. There are a wide variety of procedures that are available to a complainant, depending upon his specific type of complaint. However, if the complaint itself is not dealt with properly or if the complainant is dissatisfied with the resolution, then there are also measures that can be used to seek review or reassessment. These systems and measures are best utilised if the individual understands how they work. Consider the following key aspects of the UK Border Agency complaints’ system.

  1. Typically, complainants receive a response within 20 days.
  2. However, if the complaint concerns serious misconduct on the part of some employee then the investigation can take up to 12 weeks to be complete.
  3. If misuse of power may be suspected then the complaint is forwarded to the Independent Police Complaints Commission or IPCC.
  4. A review can be requested for any complaint wherein the entire process is assessed over a period of 20 days by the Customer Service Unit or CSU.
  5. If the individual is not satisfied with the CSU’s request as well then the matter can be brought to a Member of Parliament who may or may not choose to raise it up with a Parliamentary Ombudsman.
  6. Depending on specific situations, the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman or PPO and the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland or PCCS can also be approached.

How to Put Forth Your UK Border Agency Complaints?

As there are different types of UK Border Agency complaints dealing with different aspects of their operations, the organisation has specified different methods of filing those complaints on the basis of the specifics of the complaint. For a complaint to be resolved in a quick and appropriate manner, knowing these methods can also be helpful. Consider the following.

  1. Rejection of applications: Every time an application for visa is rejected, a rejection letter is sent to the applicant. This rejection letter, usually, contains information on how and where the individual can file UK Border Agency complaints. Even if a complaint or review is not possible, such a letter specifies it.
  2. Refusal of entry: UK Border Agency complaints can be filed in the form of an appeal. This primarily becomes relevant in the case of refusal of entry into the UK. Typically, refusal of entry is accompanied by a written document which would specify whether an appeal is possible or not and the method to be used for it. If appeal is possible then it means that UK Border Agency complaints can be filed.
  3. Reporting illegal activities: There are essentially two types of illegal activities that can be reported to the UK Border Agency. The first type is the existence of illegal immigrants and the second is smuggling. In both cases, a reporting form easily available on the website can be used for filing the complaint.
  4. Complaints about service and conduct: UK Border Agency complaints regarding quality of services and conduct of employees need to be filed within three months of the incident. Such complaints need to be sent to the complaints department of the agency. These types of complaints need to contain as many details of the event as possible including witness accounts and documentation.

How Have UK Border Agency Complaints Been Handled In the Past?

The UK Border Agency is usually very accepting of UK Border Agency complaints which it then conscientiously uses to improve its operations and services to the citizens of the country. For instance, every time UK Border Agency complaints have been filed about lack of clarity in the information provided, the agency has acted quickly to change policy to make sure that the same does not happen again. Similarly, even when UK Border Agency complaints about sensitivity towards passengers have been filed, the agency has been very forthcoming in apologies, compensations, and revision of policies.

Therefore, your complaint to the UK Border Agency may lead to the improvement of their operations and services to the benefit of the general public. Effectively, filing such complaints can be seen as a responsibility that must not be ignored by every individual. In simple terms, if you have UK Border Agency complaints and need to file them then all you need to do is follow the procedure in the right manner and you will see them being resolved to the betterment of everybody.