Vodafone Complaints History

vodafone-contact-numberThere are many different mobile network operators and mobile network brands in the United Kingdom. This is a good thing because it keeps competition alive in the market. High competition in the market keeps the standard of services at a high level as multiple operators try to vie for the same customers. Moreover everyone can benefit from another perspective. They always have the option of ditching one service provider who gave them bad service and go to another one.

In fact, there are even ways and means of heading off such a situation that a customer can use to choose the right provider in the first place. If you are considering Vodafone UK seriously then here is some information such as Vodafone complaints history that should give you a good idea of how good this mobile service provider really is in comparison to its competitors in the market.

Why Vodafone Complaints History Is a Good Marker of Its Performance

The best mobile networks would be worth naught if the company providing them is not cognisant of what their customers need and what their individual problems are. The reason for this is just that even the best managed networks and services can break down due to a variety of reasons ranging from technical difficulties to weather issues. Complaints history from Ofcom, the industry watchdog in the country, of a mobile network provider is usually a good marker of how well the company handles its problems because complaints only get forwarded to Ofcom after the company has been unable to resolve them to the satisfaction of their customer. For instance, you would not be able to take your complaints to Ofcom without either getting a deadlock letter from your service provider or waiting for eight weeks for the company to resolve the problem independently. Thus, if you are wondering whether Vodafone is going to be a good choice for you, then analysing Vodafone complaints history, as per Ofcom’s statistics, is a good way to figure out how caring the company will be about your account.

State Of The Mobile Phone Industry in the United Kingdom

Before you understand what the Vodafone complaints history is like, you should understand what the mobile network service industry is like in the country. According to Ofcom, there are around 82.7 million mobile subscriptions in the United Kingdom. Moreover, approximately 15 percent homes in the country are ‘mobile only’ which means that they do not have landlines and rely solely on mobile phones for professional and personal connectivity. The importance of mobile network services is also evident by the fact that 94 percent of adults in the country use them.

Vodafone’s Position Amongst Its Competitors

vodafone complaints historyGenerally speaking, Vodafone has a good reputation amongst the populace primarily because of its rich history and global stature. For instance, Vodafone Group which traces its roots to 1985 is widely recognised as the second largest mobile phone company in the world. Vodafone is also credited with the first mobile phone call in the country which was made in 1985. Of the 82.7 million mobile subscriptions, Vodafone boasts of around 19.2 million subscribers in the United Kingdom.

As is obvious, an operation of this size needs to have a good system for dealing with technical glitches and complaints made by the multitudes that it serves. This is why, before you commit to the company, you need to see what the Vodafone complaints history is like and whether they are conscientious about their responsibilities towards their customers.

Vodafone’s Complaints Performance

Since six quarters before the third quarter of 2013, Vodafone complaints history with Ofcom shows that the number of complaints reaching Ofcom about Vodafone has been steadily declining as the company has been improving its customer service capabilities. In this period, the number of complaints reaching Ofcom has gone down from 0.18 per 1, 000 customers to a paltry 0.05 complaints per 1, 000 customers. This amounts to a massive reduction of around 72 percent in a matter of just under two years and points to the efforts of the company towards resolving customer complaints in-house. The Vodafone complaints history, hence, shows that more and more Vodafone customers are being satisfied by the company with only a few feeling the need to escalate their complaints to Ofcom.

Comparing Vodafone Complaints to Industry Averages

If you are going to assess the company on the basis of Vodafone complaints history then it would also be beneficial for you to see how the company has performed in relation to industry averages. At the beginning of the period being analysed i.e. first quarter of 2012, Vodafone complaints to Ofcom far outstripped the industry average with the former being 0.18 per 1, 000 customers and the latter being 0.14 per 1, 000 customers. However, by the end of the focus period i.e. third quarter of 2013, the Vodafone complaints history shows that the numbers had dropped to a mere 0.05 complaints per 1, 000 customers against the industry average of 0.07 for every thousand customers. The turnaround came in the fourth quarter of 2012 with the company’s complaints numbers dropping to 0.12 per 1, 000 customers and the industry average hovering around 0.13 per 1, 000 customers. Since then the gap has been widening in favour of the company.

How To Make Vodafone Complaints and Ofcom’s Role

What the analysis of Vodafone complaints history basically means is that if you choose to go with Vodafone and face a problem in the future then you can have it resolved very quickly, provided you know how to make Vodafone complaints. Making Vodafone complaints is a fairly simple procedure because you would have access to various avenues of contact. However, the best method you can employ is to call on the Vodafone contact number and speak to their customer care representative directly. Other options also exist, if you are so inclined, such as writing a complaints letter and posting or emailing it to the company. The Vodafone support teams are usually very forthcoming and even prompt when it comes to dealing with customer’s requests and complaints. Thus, if exceptional service is what you are looking for then the favourable Vodafone complaints history shows that you should call the Vodafone contact number to open a new account with them.