How to Have Your Vodafone Complaints Resolved

Vodofone logoDespite being one of the most recognisable names in the country and the world, Vodafone is a company that receives its fair share of complaints in the UK market. As per industry watchdog Ofcom, when it comes to Vodafone complaints, the amount that the company receives per 1, 000 consumers are much lesser than what its competitors do.

In fact, even in terms of industry average, the number of Vodafone complaints is lower. On an overall level, Vodafone stands at fifth spot amongst its major competitors including names like T-Mobile, Three UK, Orange, and Virgin Mobile in terms of frequency of complaints from consumers. This means that if you have suffered because of some mistake from Vodafone and have Vodafone complaints to talk about then you are not alone. The big question is what do you do if you need some complaints to be analysed?

The Most Common Vodafone Complaints

It is likely that mobile network providers are the most complained about companies in the country. There are two reasons why customers of telecom networks complain so much. The first is that these companies have to cater to a vast number of consumers and the second is that they have to rely on technology to cater to these consumers. Size and reliance on technology are bound to lead to problems with a minor percentage of the consumers simply on the basis of the laws of probability. In fact, certain problems tend to repeat themselves fairly frequently. Here is a list of the most common Vodafone complaints people are known to have.

  1. Poor network quality: The most common Vodafone complaints are related to poor network quality. This includes a wide variety of complaints including poor voice quality, poor network strength, indoor network problems, and even dropped calls. As providing calling connectivity is the primary purpose of companies like Vodafone, problems with these systems are bound to rankle customers a lot.
  2. Billing issues: Sometimes, due to some kind of misunderstanding the bill can seem bigger than what the plan initially showed it to be. Moreover, there is always a chance that mistakes were made while making the consumer’s bills. The reason for this could be any number of things ranging from innocent variables like taxes of various kinds to deliberate problems such as hidden fees.
  3. Incompetent customer service: Regardless of how much a company tries, there are bound to be some customer service personnel that behave unprofessionally or some situation for which a system has not been devised. These situations can often cause consumers to have complaints about incompetent customer service personnel or customer support system.
  4. Insufficient download speeds: Data services are becoming more and more popular and are now widely considered to be a major part of the services provided by a telecom firm like Vodafone. These services of telecom network providers can also come in for a lot of stick from customers. Most Vodafone complaints pertaining to data services relate to insufficient download speeds.
  5. Contractual discrepancies: Contracts, by nature, are very complex and difficult to understand. This lack of understanding and clarity about terms accepted can also lead to complaints.
  6. Misleading advertisements: A few complaints may also be about misleading advertisements. Complaints about misleading advertisements are usually when a package is discriminatory or its terms and conditions preclude consumer groups other than the targeted ones.

When it comes to complaints, there is a clear hierarchy of avenues that can be taken to have them resolved. Effectively, you have to start from the least severe and gradually escalate your complaints if they were not resolved at an earlier juncture. What this means is that while you have multiple methods of having your Vodafone complaints resolved, they can only be used one by one in an ascending order of escalation. Consider the choices you have.

Approaching the Company for Resolution

Vodafone ComplaintsThe first thing you must do is contact the company because your complaint could be because of an honest mistake in which case the company would be willing to solve it without much hassle. In fact, the majority of Vodafone complaints get resolved in this manner without the company dithering or refusing the requests for correction.

There are various ways through which you can approach the company with your complaint. The most common and convenient method would be for you to find the Vodafone contact number and call their customer service department with your complaint. Another way through which you can get in touch with their customer support division is by emailing them on the address specified online.

Seeking Letter of Deadlock

Certain problems may be more complex than you have realised. They may be problems without a clear solution. In such situations, the company may choose to not meet your expectations with their solutions. If this happens then all you can do is request a letter of deadlock from Vodafone which you can use in other methods of seeking resolution. The company is required to either give you satisfactory solutions or issue a letter of deadlock to you.

Taking the Matter to a Communications Ombudsman

With the letter of deadlock in your hand, you can approach an ombudsman in the country that deals with the communications industry. There are two such ombudsmen in the country, namely Ombudsman Services and Cisas. When you take your Vodafone complaints to your chosen communications ombudsman you must also present the letter of deadlock and all other documentation that you may have pertaining to your complaint. An ombudsman can only be approached after eight weeks of dealing with Vodafone have passed or after you have a letter of deadlock.

Considering Legal Recourse

If, even the ombudsmen are unable to get you a satisfactory solution for your Vodafone complaints, then you always seek out legal recourse to your problem. However, be warned that such a step would drain your existing resources. You would not only have to spend time pursuing the matter but also spend a lot of money doing so.